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Providing a complete range of legal services to prepaer, support and protect you at every stage of your personal and professional life. Porter Dodson Solicitors & Advisors

BBJ Solicitors & Risk Consultancy

We hold a Legal Services Commission Franchise and subject to eligibility may be able to obtain funding for your case. We charge competitive rates for our work and we are happy to provide you with an estimate of our fees before we commence work for you.

Our team of solicitors and legal advisers are experienced in the work that they undertake and we aim to provide a friendly and approachable service to clients. We do everything that we can to cut out legal terminology when talking to our clients but sometimes this is not possible, in which case we will explain the meaning of the terminology to you.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at our town centre office in Penzance or you would like to speak to us on the telephone then please contact us. We will not charge for an initial consultation on your matter.

We are happy to be contacted by e-mail if this is more convenient for you. If so please click on the "contact us" button.